30 Days of Books: Day One

30 Days of Books

Day 01 – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!) 

That's definitely a hard one. I love books so much that I never want any of them to end. I'm tempted to say Juliet Marillier because she is my favourite author(ess) but she hasn't disappointed us by stopping her Sevenwaters but I guess I'd like to see more of her young-adult novels after reading Wildwood Dancing and Cybele's Secret. 

That said I think I'm leaning towards Tamora Pierces Trickster series, with Tricksters Choice and Tricksters Queen.

For a series that has gone on much too long I'm tossing up between a few again. There was one I read in high school that I can't remember the name of for the life of me, though I can picture the covers. Seven books of the same thing. If I remember what it was then I will come back and edit this entry.

I'll have to go with the Ellie Chronicles. I loved the Tomorrow series, and though they almost went on too long, Marsden managed to make them enjoyable, interesting and new. The Ellie Chronicles was a little too much for me.
EDIT: I found the series that I hated. I typed the words "fantasy, series, crown" into Google and it came up as the first result. Who doesn't love Google? It was Crown of Stars by Kate Elliot. I'm not saying they were bad books but I just didn't enjoy them. Elliot was striving too hard to create her own LotRs and unlike Terry Brooks didn't manage it. She seemed very repetitive, but that's just from memory. I'll re-read them one day if I can get my hands on them. But for now, that's the series that went far too long.
Day 02 – A book or series you wish more people were reading and talking about
Day 03 – The best book you’ve read in the last 12 months
Day 04 – Your favorite book or series ever
Day 05 – A book or series you hate
Day 06 – Favorite book of your favorite series OR your favorite book of all time
Day 07 – Least favorite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise
Day 08 – A book everyone should read at least once
Day 09 – Best scene ever
Day 10 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving
Day 11 – A book that disappointed you
Day 12 – A book or series of books you’ve watched more than five times
Day 13 – Favorite childhood book OR current favorite YA book (or both!)
Day 14 – Favorite character in a book (of any sex or gender)
Day 15 – Your “comfort” book
Day 16 – Favorite poem or collection of poetry
Day 17 – Favorite story or collection of stories (short stories, novellas, novelettes, etc.)
Day 18 – Favorite beginning scene in a book
Day 19 – Favorite book cover (bonus points for posting an image!)
 Day 20 – Favorite kiss
Day 21 – Favorite romantic/sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)
Day 22 – Favorite non-sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)
Day 23 – Most annoying character ever
Day 24 – Best quote from a novel
Day 25 – Any five books from your “to be read” stack
Day 26 – OMG WTF? OR most irritating/awful/annoying book ending
Day 27 – If a book contains ______, you will always read it (and a book or books that contain it)!
Day 28 – First favorite book or series obsession
Day 29 – Saddest character death OR best/most satisfying character death (or both!)
Day 30 – What book are you reading right now?


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