Rhapsody: Child of Blood by Elizabeth Haydon

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Publication Date:
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associations
ISBN:  0812570812
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Source: My bookshelf
Lootability: ****
Rhapsody is a woman, a Singer of some talent, who is swept up into events of world-shattering import. On the run from an old romantic interest who won't take no for an answer, Rhapsody literally bumps into a couple of shady characters: half-breeds who come to her rescue in the nick of time. Only the rescue turns into an abduction, and Rhapsody soon finds herself dragged along on an epic voyage, one that spans centuries and ranges across a wonder-filled fantasy world-- a world so real you can hear the sweet music of Rhapsody's aubade and smell the smoldering forges deep within the Cauldron.

Elizabeth Haydon's début novel, Rhapsody (1999) is not the kind of book to take up lightly. It is a tightly woven maelstrom of complicated world building and magic the likes of which compares only to Lord of the Rings in creating a compounding mythos for her story.
When Dad bought home Destiny (Book two) by mistake one day (my fourteen year old soul craved Traci Harding's Masters of Reality) I had a vague interest and kept my eyes peeled for Rhapsody on book store shelves. It took a few months but it finally appeared under the Christmas tree and I didn't stop reading until I finished the six book series.

What I Liked: Grunthor and Achmed are the kinds of bas ass good guys that even Batman envies their cool. Grunthor, a relative ugly giant with a heart of gold, is taller than most trees and bristles with an assort of weapons he has named as his friends. Achmed, the Brother, the Snake, acts down right cold hearted and despite his moments of social conscience where he, all in a mornings work, stops the world from being destroyed by a giant rampaging wyrm. A deadly assassin he has plans that become a militarily efficient reality under his finally honed determination.
The plot is engaging and keeps you interested, though it takes a few tries before you can appreciate (and then filter out) the masses of background content.

What I Didn't Like: At first read the novel is overly complicated and somewhat tedious. I'm a big reader, who doesn't mind a few extras because I read fast anyway but this will turn away a lot of people who could appreciate the plot.

The series is great but I little less background who have made it much more accessible to other readers. It is a great read with fantastic characters (I forgot to mention that Rhapsody is alright but doesn't compare with my good mates Grunthor and Achmed), has an interesting plot line and contains a number of laughs.
Raiding Bookshelves Rating
Cover Conversations: This is my least favourite of the series. Destiny has the dragon and Prophecy has the moot (and Rhapsody's beautiful sky blue dress) so this cover disappoints me a little.


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