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I have here Devon Ashley's Top Ten Favourite Male & Female Fictional Characters. A lot of these make sense to me, and the ones that don't, are characters I haven't read about yet. Devon Ashley is giving me more reason to get reading!
Top Ten Ladies
10. PamelaDearly, Departed – kick-@ss heroine in a petticoat. Pamela turned out to be a way more interesting character than the main characters. 
9. Lena HolowayDelirium series – sweet and innocent and trying not to fall in love.
8. DarlaAshfall – the girl you’d want by your side in a post-cataclysmic world.
7. Zoey RedbirdHouse of Night series – sassy lil’ thing…love her.
6. Sophie MercerHex Hall series – love this girl.
5. Jenna BakerFalling In Between - of course I have to love my character enough to add her, but I think she’s pretty freakin’ awesome even without my vote.
4. Abby SorrenstenThe Immortal Archives – sarcastic and smart and sacrifices herself to save her loved ones.
3. Hermione GrangerHarry Potter series - super smart and wicked-quick with a wand…I sure wouldn’t tick her off.
2. Katniss EverdeenHunger Games trilogy – is there anything this girl can’t do in a survival situation?
1.  Elizabeth BennetPride and Prejudice – my all time favorite book and character.

Top Ten 'Gentlemen'
10. Alex SheathesDelirium series – swoon…
9.  Archer Cross - Hex Hall series – love the chemistry between him and Sophie.
8. Carlisle CullenTwilight Saga – am I the only one that prefers the man over the boys?
7.  Ben ConwaySilver Moon trilogy. Sigh…I got to read Black Moon early so now I’m really swooning for this guy.
6. Harry PotterHarry Potter series – do I really need to explain why I like him?
5. Robert/ChanceFalling In Between – Nope…just like any other mother, I refuse to admit if I love one more than the other!
4.  AshThe Iron Fey series – um…yum. That’s all I’m gonna say. Yum.
3. Peeta MellarkHunger Games trilogy – super sweet and constantly trying to win Kat’s love.
2. Fitzwilliam DarcyPride and Prejudice – there were times I truly wanted to smack him, but mostly, I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and never let go.
1. Patch CiprianoHush, Hush series. The bad boy we all want.

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