Meet the girl behind the posts

Name and/or Pseudonym: Alex or Raiding Bookshelves
 Age: 21
Location: Melbourne (the best damn city Down Under)
 Favorite Books: I will read almost anything and love a lot but at this point in time my fabourites include: The Hunger Games, Daughter of the Forest, Harry Potter, Rhapsody, Perks of Being a Wallflower
Favorite Movies: I'm not a huge movie person and most of my movie experience comes from being forced to watch them by my boyfriend and his mates. Things I have always loved though are Harry Potter, Voyage of the Unicorn, Tangled, Little Mermaid, Toy Story...anything Disney or Pixar
Favorite TV Shows: Parks and Recreation, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stargate and Seinfeld.
  Favorite Fictional Characters: Ahhh Severus Snape, you sexy, sexy beast. I'd also include Bran from Juliet Marillier's Son of the Shadows and Mr Darcy. I want me a Darcy.
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Charlize Theron and Amy Poehler.
Favorite Music Artists: Ummmm, I'm not a music person either but I'm a big fan of 80s music (thanks to raiding Mum and Dad's music collection) and Barenaked Ladies are awesome....other than that whatever I am listening to.
Fandoms: There aren't my favourite identities within each of the series but I liked most of the choices. I don't follow the Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Dr. Who or Battlestar Galactica series. I'm looking forward to staring the Mortal Instrument books and might watch Dr. Who one day.
Hobbies: Writing book reviews and articles, volunteering at the RSPCA or spending time with my dog or rabbit, and hanging out with friends.
Interests: Everything previously mentioned and I've recently caught the travel bug.
Random Fact About You: I've read 250 books this year on top of all my uni readings and working three days a week. I'm a book addict.
Things You Absolutely Despise: Ben Lee, smoking (I'm allergic to almost everything and cigarette smoke makes me cry), open mouth chewing and Facebook grammar.
Describe Yourself in Four Words: Obsessive Spontaneous Organised and Lazy
Do You Write? (If so, what?) I do! I write short stories (that I hate and never publish), and longer stories that never go anywhere. For about six months earlier this year I wrote regular articles during an internship with Women's Health and Fitness Australia and Australian Natural Health.


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