Caught in Crystal by Patricia C. Wrede

There stands a twisted tower... hidden in the Windhome Mountains. Something is imprisoned there - the Sisterhood of Stars does not know precisely what, but something is bound tight with a wizard's spell so that it can never escape again. Kayl is one of the few to have looked upon the Twisted Tower. She has no desire to see it again - she left the Sisterhood long ago, settling down to a quiet life. Her sword lies unused in a secret place beneath the stones of her hearth. But something evil is leaking from the Tower. And now a sorceress and a wizard have appeared on Kayl's doorstep, demanding she take up the sword again.
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Publication Date: 1st March, 1987
Publisher: Ace Books
Country: United States
ISBN: 0441760066
Original Language: English
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Adventure/Romance/Fantasy
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Lootability: Needs more booty.

Caught in Crystal has been reworked and refurbished for its ebook release. A prequel to the Lyra novels, Caught in Crystal introduces the wizards of Varna, the Silver Sisters and the controversy of Lyra's history.
Kayl, along with her two young children Dara and Mark, run the inn of a small village after the death of Kayl's husband, Kevran. Everything was going well for the small family, until Kayl's past comes back to haunt her.

What I liked: The story was fabulous, the idea behind the Tower was well thought out and a whole lot of history. There are a series of myths behind the story; they're all well presented and thought out. It helped that all the characters were a lot of fun, especially Kayl and her children. Mark and Dara were realistically written, especially for children.

What I didn't like: The one problem I have with Wrede is the progression of time in her stories. Weeks, and sometimes months, flick passed and the little moments that can build a story are lost. The moments that create relationships are skipped over and there isnt enough development.
Needs more booty.
Wrede's Lyra series are being slowly released as ebooks, and I look forward to discovering more about the world of Lyra.

The publishers have provided me with some fun extra material, including a few videos with Wrede and a Winter Escape Reading List for our Northern Hemisphere friends.

Meet Patricia Wrede and peek inside her closets

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