Moving into 2012

I succeeded in reading 200 books this year; in fact, I'm close to 250 with a few days to go. Unfortunately, due to responsibilities at home, at uni and at work I didn't manage to review even a quarter of them. I think I gave up around the 50ish mark. In fact, I haven't published much since March.

Pathetic, I know. I'm definitely going to keep the blog going next year. It has been a real asset and helped me get a 6 month internship with a Melbourne based Women's magazine. So, in order to keep my writing skills up to date, I will be creating a review schedule. 
My NYE resolution will not be to read a certain number of books (and kill it) but to post regularly and with more variety. 2012 will start on a Sunday and so will my posting schedule. 

Sunday: Weekly Review
Monday: In My Mailbox
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday
Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday: Rest
Friday: From Page to Screen
Saturday: Rest

I'll hopefully be posting some early reviews of ARC's and participating in blog tours, but I need to work on my blog first. It will be undergoing some renovations in the next few weeks as I get my brother to do some design work.

Something else I'll be introducing will be monthly genres. Each month will have a theme and the reviews will reflect that theme. I might post a few extra reviews, but it means I won't be as overloaded trying to catch up. I only have four reviews to stick to a month. Here's the monthly schedule:

This year Raiding Bookshelves will have a new format. At least four reviews a month, published every sunday. Each month will have it's own genre.
I will also be publishing extra reviews on soon to be released ARCS.

January - Debut Authors
February - Romance and Bodice Rippers
March - Dystopian 
April - Young Adult and General Fiction
May - Fantasy
June - Jane Austen and Regency
July - Adventure
August - Action and Thriller
September - Science Fiction
October - Non-fiction and biographical
November - Fables, fairy tales and mytholoy
December - Picture books and Children's literature

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and enjoy your New Years Eve.


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