Cover Conversations: Seeing Double

Seeing double?

I've been doing a bit of Goodreads research and I've noticed an interesting trend. Sometimes the exact same cover model is used for different books. I think I've mentioned it before in one of my Judging by the Cover comments. However, today I stumbled across something very interesting. 

Earlier in the year I read and reviewed Jenna Black's Glimmerglass and I loved the cover.

Judging by the CoverGlimmerglass has a beautiful cover. I like the symmetry and the way it reflects Dana's abilities as a Faerie Walker! The softness of the models face looks great against the black background and the dots and smoke give a surreal feel to the cover!
 Who wouldn't?
This morning I was researching Caragh M O'Brien's Birthmarked series which I'm eager to get my hands on for a new dystopian segment I want to start. I popped on to her website to get some background information on the woman in question and saw a list of all the different languages Birthmarked has been published in.

There are a few different (and all gorgeous) covers for the English editions of Birthmarked:

 Most interesting though was the cover of the German edition Die Stadt der verschwundenen kinder (which, according to google chrome translator means The City of Lost Children):

            See any strange similarities? Or a lot?
      They're almost exactly the same - ignoring the different titles of course. It's just been reflected and undergone a                                                    slight colour change. Interesting right?

Is this a screw up or an international oversight? I don't think it matters too much - it's unlikely we will ever get the two confused, but they better be careful if they ever publish a German edition of Glimmerglass and want to use their original cover.

It does imply that there isn't just a photobase for models and poses, but for cover art as well!


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