Film Adaptations: The Hunger Games

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As most people know Lionsgate Entertainment have the rights to produce The Hunger Games movie and they recently announced who they have cast as Katniss!

The lucky girl is Jennifer Lawrence who appeared in The Winter Bone (2010) and will be appearing in The Beaver(2011), Like Crazy (2011) and X-men: First Class (2011). I haven't seen her on screen yet but Suzanne Collins has thrown her support behind Lawrence who is excited to have landed the role.

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I stumbled across this Hunger Games short produced by Mainstay Productions. Katniss and Rue features Danielle Chuchran as Katniss and a girl named Savannah Kylie Lewis as Rue. The girls do a fantastic job acting out this particular scene and I would have loved to see them take on the roles in a movie length adaptation. So this is for entertainment purposes only and has nothing to do with the Lionsgate film.


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