Fairytales Re-imagined

From Werewolf to Forbidden Room

This two-day symposium will explore how traditional fairy tales are being reworked by visual artists, filmmakers and popular culture.

Join cultural commentators, psychologists and artists as they explore the world of fairy tales.

I went today and I'll be travelling into the city to see it again tomorrow. The symposium is being hosted by ACMI in Melbourne's Federation Square and was inspired by the recent Re-enchantment virtual documentary hosted by ABC TV.
Re-enchantment is an insight into the various interpretations, versions and motifs featured in fairytales with a focus on six of the main archetypes: Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel and Blue Beard. 

My Children's Literature tutor Dr Rebecca Anne Do Rosario will be speaking tomorrow. I'm excited to get to see her as an academic instead of as a teacher. 

Check it out here.

Today's lectures were an amazing opportunity to learn more about the common themes and motifs of Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella and how they have influenced us over the years. If you are interested in fairytale culture I encourage you to check out Re-enchantment and participate on the forums.

I intent to explore the site properly this weekend and will give a short review.
Thursday 10 March 2011

9-9.30am > Registration

9.30 - 10.45am > Re-enchantment: The hidden world of fairy tales for adultsRe-enchantment is an interactive multi-platform documentary project exploring why fairy stories continue to enchant, entertain, fascinate and horrify adult audiences. Writer and director, Sarah Gibson and producer, Sue Maslin take us on a guided tour of this immersive project, examining the rich content in this unique project of reevaluating fairytales.

11am - 1pm > Woman and Wolf - the Inspiration of Red Riding HoodFor over 700 hundred years, the tale Red Riding Hood has been retold and re-imagined. With a resurgence of popularity in the 20th Century and a soon-to-be-released feature length version, this panel explores interpretations of this classic story and contemporary rethinking about the relationship between woman and wolf. 

Dr Kimberley Pearce - Girl Meets Beast: the Power of the PeltJazmina Cininas - The Girlie WerewolfProfessor Barbara Creed - The Eroticism of Being DevouredChaired by Dr Terrie Waddell

2pm - 4pm > If the Shoe Fits: Interpreting Cinderella
Fairy tale heroines aren't what they used to be.Or are they? Why is Cinderella the most popular fairy tale today? Is Cinderella keeping the princess fantasy alive? Are makeover shows the fairy godmothers of today? Is Cinderella's slipper impossible to wear? The panel approach these questions from the perspectives of cultural study, psychology and shoe design.

Dr Meredith Jones - The Princess and Makeover CultureSarah Gibson - The Shadow of the SlipperProfessor Peter McNeil - The Horror of Heavy Feet: or Why Cinderella Must Have Her Light ShoeChaired by Dr Constantine Verevis 

Friday 11 March 2011

9.30am - 10.45am Old Tales, New Platforms: The Creation of Re-enchantment

Join the creators of Re-enchantment, writer/director Sarah Gibson, producer Sue Maslin, and digital animator Rose Draper, along with chair Professor Norie Neumark as they take us through a behind-the-scenes presentation of how this beautiful and complex production came together.

11am - 1pm > Working Creatively with Fairy Tales
Traditional fairy tales have a hold on our personal and cultural imaginations. Their symbols and motifs have fascinated writers, artists, filmmakers and popular culture. Panellists examine the symbolic language of fairy tales that inspires, enchants, entertains and fascinates.

Joy Norton - The Curse of the WitchAdam Hunt - Advertising People are Cultural ThievesDr Meredith Jones and Suzanne Boccalatte - Hairy Pictures and NarrativesChaired by Dr Esther Milne

2pm - 4pm > The Forbidden Room: From Bluebeard to CSI The story of the serial wife killer Bluebeard and the motif of a forbidden room continue to appear in literature, cinema and television. This panel will discuss contemporary reworkings of this darker fairy tale theme.

Dr Cathy Cole - Death as EntertainmentDr Terrie Waddell - The Forbidden Room in Cinema Narratives
Dr Rebecca Do Rozario - The Bloody Business of Fairy TaleChaired by Thomas Caldwell


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