Blue Fire by Janice Hardy

#44 of 200

Original Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins
Country: GBR
Publication Date: 1/11/10
ISBN: 9780007326822
Page Count: 288
Nya has survived her battles with the Luminary and freed the Takers who were enslaved at the Healer′s League. But all is not well in Geveg and war rages on.
Nya, Tali and friends are in hiding, plotting their escape as the Duke posts a ransom for their capture. But plans are thwarted by treachery and kidnap as trackers, rascals and soldiers overwhelm them.
Soon Nya finds herself alone in alien city Baseer. She must break her comrades out of jail, find her sister and unravel the Duke′s fiendish new plot surrounding the mysterious goings-on at the pynvium Foundry.
And to accomplish any of this she must face the almighty new menace ... the Undying.
Teacher turned writer turned blogger, Janice Hardy has hit home once again with her second Healing Wars novel. Blue Fire follows on a few months after the explosive finale of The Shifter when Nya and her friends defeated the Luminary and rescued the Takers, including her baby sister Tal. In this thrilling and fast paced sequel, Nya and her friends must take on bigger and scary enemies than ever before as Geveg prepares for war.
Once again Nya is faced with impossible choices: the lives of her friends, the life of her beloved sister Tal and the future of a rebellion against the Duke are all relying on Nya's ability to keep them from danger. Blue Fire introduces a wealth of new characters, both malevolent and compassionate.

Blue Fire seemed to move faster than the Shifter and Nya has more responsibility on her shoulders than ever as she works to keep her home safe from war. Nya has more understanding of the strength of her powers and is more reluctant than ever to use them, but will do whatever it takes to keep her sister safe.

Like the Shifter, Blue Fire is a story of tested loyalties, quick wits and ethical values as Nya races to keep herself out of the Dukes control. Nya's distaste for inflicting the corrupt pain of her shifting takes on a new tone as the fighting intensifies. The sort of book readers are eager to immerse themselves in, Blue Fire is a fantastic sequel and I look forward to getting my hands on Darkfall in October this year.

Raiding Bookshelves Rating
Judging by the cover: I love the theme of hands The Healing Wars books have so far. The way they enclose the power, most likely Nya's power, really fits with Nya's struggle to control and withhold it. The red back ground looks amazing against the blue of the fire.

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