Wish by Alexandra Bullen

#13 of 200

Original Language: English
Publisher: Point
Country: USA
Publication Date: Jan-2010
ISBN: 978-0545139052
Page Count: 336
If you could have anything, what would you wish for? The impossible…or a real chance at being happy? Olivia Larsen’s twin sister, Violet, is dead. Olivia knows nothing that can change that … until the day she receives a beautiful dress. The dress doesn’t just look magical: it has the power to grant wishes. And all Olivia wants is her sister back. But Violet’s return isn’t what Olivia expected. As love, secrets, betrayal, and a haunted past collide, Olivia begins to wonder what a wish is worth … and if her life will ever look the same.

Wish is the debut novel of Alexandra Bullen. It follows the story of Olivia, a young girl struggling to deal with the death of her twin sister, after her family moves to California. In Olivia, Bullen has created a protagonist Readers want to empathise with. She is a sweet and self-concious girl who feels neglected by her DYI Father and workaholic Mother.

Wish is a fantastic find, in a carbon copy Twilight world of supernatural young adult fiction. Olivia develops through the book and learns how to live and cope with Violet’s death.

Fashion is a central theme of the novel. Posey, the magical seamstress who gifts Olivia with the dresses, stands in the role of Fairy Godmother to Olivia’s Cinderella. Clearly fashion as a magical tool is not a new one yet Bullen manages to weave it into a whole new story. Three dresses, three wishes. Bullen’s novel is riddled with subtle fairy tale references making the idea a more poignant one.

The one thing I really admired about Wish was the emotion. When Olivia was sad, I felt sad, when Olivia felt guilty, I felt guilty too. There is one particularly intense family moment towards the end that had me in tears. Bullen has learnt how to share her character with her readers.

An excellent debut novel, Wish is a great read for a young adult audience. Read more about Posey and her magical dresses in Wishful Thinking (released Jan 2011).

Raiding Bookshelves Rating
Judging a Book: Wish has a beautiful cover. It is both symbolic of Olivia’s journey, and certain events in the novel, but it eye catching. Wish is exactly the kind of book that young girls, the target audience (TA), will find themselves entranced by. Unlike some covers, Wish really gives as its got. The stars wrapped around the cover model, like a dress, portray the magic of the dresses Olivia wears. The violet of the background is very meaningful too.

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