No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong

#28 of 200
Original Language: English
Publisher: Random House of Canada
Country: Canada
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN: 0307355764
Page Count: 352
In her acclaimed Women of the Otherworld series, bestselling author Kelley Armstrong creates a present day in which humans unwittingly coexist with werewolves, witches, and other supernatural beings. Now, in this spellbinding new novel, a beautiful necromancer who can see ghosts must come to terms with her power—and with an evil she never thought possible. It’s the most anticipated reality television event of the season: three spiritualists gathered together in one house to raise the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. For celebrity medium Jaime Vegas, it is to be her swan song—one last publicity blast for a celebrity on the wrong side of forty. But unlike her colleagues, who are more show than substance, Jaime is the real thing. Reluctant to upstage her fellow spiritualists, Jaime tries to suppress her talents, as she has done her entire life. But there is something lurking in the maze of gardens behind the house: a spirit without a voice. And it won’t let go until somehow Jaime hears its terrible story. For the first time in her life, Jaime Vegas understands what humans mean when they say they are haunted. Distraught, Jaime looks to fellow supernatural Jeremy Danvers for help. As the touches and whispers from the garden grow more frantic, Jaime and Jeremy embark on an investigation into a Los Angeles underworld of black magic and ritual sacrifice. When events culminate in a psychic showdown, Jaime must use the darkest power she has to defeat a shocking enemy—one whose malicious force comes from the last realm she expected… . In a world whose surface resembles our own, Kelley Armstrong delivers a stunning alternate reality, one where beings of the imagination live, love, and fight a never-ending battle between good and evil.

Kelley Armstrong continues her Women of the Otherworld series in book seven:No Humans Involved. Celebrity necromancer Jamie Vegas is working on a documentary where she and several other celebrity mediums are trying to raise the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.

Jaime is he most sparkling, and human, narrator yet. Having grown up and worked in the human world, Jaime interprets the Supernatural world for the reader. As a nemocracer, Jaime often finds herself talking to ghosts in dangerous situations and without a way to protect herself. Armstrong manages to inset a common feeling of vulnerability into Jaie’s predicament; the desire to help conflicting with the desire to survive.

Jaime is being plagued by invisible ghosts who can touch her, but can’t communicate with her. Fearing a repeat of Natasha in Industrial Magic, Jaime does all she can to discover the source, even summoning Eve Levine and confronting a dark witch. As a protagonist, Jaime shows determination, independence and a desire to be more. Jaime wants to help more on the Inter-racial council and act as more than a go between for the human and ghost worlds.

The most interesting, and somewhat disconcerting, aspect of NHI is Jamie’s blossoming relationship with Jeremy. As of Broken, there was no indication that Jeremy thought of Jaime as more than a companion, and yet enough time passes that he is interested. Very interested. Jeremy claims to have wanted Jaime for over a year, when she joined the council, and yet there is nothing to describe that time. The relationship seems sudden, especially for Jeremy, just like Jaime joining the council.

This makes the narrative seem disjointed, the characters refer back to events between the novels, making the reader feel as though they have missed a novel. However, NHI follows an intense plot that keeps readers rivetted. A human cult, child sacrifice and celebrity seances; NHI keeps throwing the darker side of human nature at the reader.

No Humans Involved is book seven of Women of the Otherworld, and followed by Book seven: Personal Demon.
Raiding Bookshelves Rating
Judging by the Cover: I don’t mind this picture. The sexuality suits Jaime, an older woman who uses her looks to keep her career alive, and one who dresses to hide herself. Leaning on the grave brings out the necromancy side of things, as well as the issue of the murdered children.

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