Haunted by Kelley Armstrong

#25 of 200

Original Language: English
Publisher: Spectra
Country: USA
Publication Date: 2005
ISBN: 0553587080
Page Count: 528

Eve Levine — half-demon, black witch and devoted mother — has been dead for three years. She has a great house, an interesting love life and can’t be killed again — which comes in handy when you’ve made as many enemies as Eve. Yes, the afterlife isn’t too bad — all she needs to do is find a way to communicate with her daughter, Savannah, and she’ll be happy. But fate — or more exactly, the Fates — have other plans. Eve owes them a favor, and they’ve just called it in. An evil spirit called the Nix has escaped from hell. She feeds on chaos and death, and is very good at persuading people to kill for her. The Fates want Eve to hunt her down before she does any more damage, but the Nix is a dangerous enemy — previous hunters have been driven insane in the process. As if that’s not problem enough, the only way to stop her is with an angel’s sword. And Eve is no angel… .

Haunted is the fifth Women of the Otherworld novel by Kelley Armstrong and features a new character. Eve Levine is more than the Mother of, Paige Winterbourne’s ward, Savannah, she is a half demon, dark witch ghost. Complicated? Just wait. Eve owes a big favour to the Fates for saving Paige and Lucas in Industrial Magic, and may have to give up everything she loves to do it.

Eve Levine has a lot of the attitude that Elena had in Bitten, but without the temper. Instead Eve is impetuous and her every action goes towards finding a way to keep Savannah protected. Instead, Eve repeatedly realises that she regrets her impulsive decisions, especially those concerning Kristof Nast.

Kristof first appeared in Dimestore Magic where he was convinced by Lea O’Donnell to pursue custody of Savannah. Unfortunately this decision, and his love for his daughter, led to his ultimate death. Now Kristof works as a lawyer in the ghost world and sticks to Eve like glue.

Eve is a fun protagonist. Unlike Elena or Paige her only concern is protecting Savannah and she isnt afraid of putting herself in danger to do so. While both Elena and Paige encounter danger, Eve goes looking for it and manages to kick its ass. Despite being a dark witch in life, Eve manages to use her powers on the side of Justice (while kicking the rules aside).

Eve works with Jaime Vegas, celebrity necromancer, another example of character foreshadowing. Haunted develops Jaime’s character, moving further past her ditzy celebrity identity and digging further into her developing desire to help.

Haunted follows a couple of years after the events of Industrial Magic, after Eve has been dead for three years (since just prior to Elena’s kidnapping in Stolen). The next book in the series is Broken.

Raiding Bookshelves Rating
Judging by the cover: I’m still not sure why all the cover models need to be naked and sexy. Eve’s sexuality isn’t blatant, it comes from her self assurance and confidence in her powers. Eve knows she is sexy she doesn’t need to prove it.
The eye looks cool, though a bit wolfish for my tastes.

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