Author of the Week: Carrie Jones

About Carrie
Carrie Jones, author of the Need series, is the first official Raiding Bookshelves author of the week. Carrie was born in Bedford, NH, but now lives in Maine with her family and pets. Her first book, Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend, was published in 2007. She is now the proud author of six books, with many more to come; including two picture books; a YA co-authored with Steve Wedel (After Obsession); and is co-editing a YA novel on bullying (Dear Bully).

Though Carrie originally wanted to become a human rights lawyer (can you see some of her in Need’s Zara White?) she has held a number of jobs from pretzel girl to magazine columnist. She even ran for Office once, hoping to make a change. According to her interview with The Hiding Spot:

“They ALL helped. I really believe every single life experience you have makes you a better writer. It teaches you about interactions between people, about emotion, about cause and effect.”

Carrie’s Writing Style
I’m basing my opinion of Carrie’s style on her Need series. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on any of her earlier books, but I will definitely update this if I do.

I’m going to be brutally honest here. Carrie’s narrative style annoys me. It seems to cater to eleven year olds, with words like wow, baby and sqee featuring heavily in the dialogue. I understand, of course, that Need is written for a young audience, which requires simple colloquial language. But I don’t think the language suits the characters. Zara and her friends are clever and resourceful 17 year olds; they must have a larger vocabulary than ‘Wow’.

Apart from her language, I have really enjoyed Carrie’s books. The plot is an innovative idea in a genre full of vampires and werewolves, and the developments in Norse mythology are of particular interest. Norse mythology is probably the darkest of mythologies, even when compared to Prometheus having his liver pecked out by crows each day, or Osiris being dismembered for his throne.

Books by Carrie Jones

1. The Hiding Spot interview with Carrie Jones

2. Carrie Jones personal website


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